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Landscape irrigation is fast becoming a major area in the overall discipline of landscaping. Landscaping is the process of designing an area or tract of land with gardens, lawns, courtyards, trees, shrubs, plants and grass, etc. The idea of a beautiful home or office appeals to people and therefore landscaping is not just the growing

The Importance of Lawn Mowers

It is not often that people think about the importance of lawn mowers, as their presence and function is usually taken for granted. They are just handy tools to be lugged out whenever a lawn is getting overgrown. However, these tools, regardless of the type, are important for homeowners and anyone who has ever lived
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At Kichler Lighting, they are constantly encouraging their employees and customers to “step outside for a moment and see the possibilities”. Kichler realizes that great lighting is not done in the isolation of a factory, but rather by incorporating the natural beauty of the environment around them into the design of their light fixtures. Kichler
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With granite, pebbles and other permeable materials, you can definitely give your garden design some textural boost. Stones will actually serve several purposes like lending textural appeal and solving drainage issues. Moreover, it comes in various forms and colours. Stones You Can Use For Your Landscaping Project Decomposed Granite – This is a granitic rock
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When looking for lawn sweepers, there is a few things, you want to keep in mind. How big is your lawn? Do you want a push lawn sweeper or do you have some type of motorized equipment to pull it with? If you have a large lawn or take care of turf grass professionally, you
Building your own Dinosaur Playmat Creating your own prehistoric habitat for your dinosaur models and toys is quite easy and a lot of fun. With the Summer holidays approaching here is a super dinosaur themed craft idea to help the kids make the most of their free time and perhaps they might even learn something
So, What Exactly IS Brix? Well, often Brix is referred to as the “sugar” or sucrose content of a plant or the produce from it, but this is a very simplistic and incomplete view of Brix. In actuality, Brix refers to the total soluble solids (TSS) in the juice of the produce or sap of

Landscape Design Service Benefits

When you step outside of your home, are you instantly swept into a garden space that makes you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world, or do you suddenly find yourself facing a bed of weeds that adds to your stress? Landscaping design service carries many benefits, and will remove some of this stress
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If you are a homeowner or have to maintain a lawn for somebody else, and you own an electric lawn mower, you will more than likely need to maintain your mower at some point in time. Like all mechanical tools, mowers can have problems and need repairs or maintenance. In Part 1 of this article

Robotic Lawn Mower Overview

Robot lawn mowers are not the gadgets you might think they are. The robot lawn mowers on the market today are serious mowing machines. Not only do they do a great job mowing, they keep your lawn mowed. Do you care about the environment? If you care in the slightest, you are already using a
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A Review of Husqvarna Lawn Mower

There is no bigger and trusted brand in lawn care products than Husqvarna. This is a Swedish company founded in the late 1600s and has grown into a leader in the manufacturing of products in areas such as hunting, kitchen appliances, motor vehicles, and outdoor machines. With 300 years of experience and expertise, Husqvarna has
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Garden lighting improves the design of your landscape especially at night. It comes with wide range of style to give emphasis on the different features of your garden. Garden landscape lighting provides safe means for guests to navigate the entrance towards your home. Meanwhile, upon planning on engaging yourself in project like this, it will
Is your lawn mower tearing of the lawn grass blades instead of cutting it? Does your lawn look like it has been eaten by a goat, in spite of being cut by the lawn mower? Wait; do not pull your hair by the root. Help is at hand. We will teach you how to sharpen
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One item that tends to come prominently in many organization’s budgets nowadays is ‘landscape beautification.’ It is not altogether unheard of of organizations spending tens of thousands of dollars on this alone. There are some which are even committing hundreds of thousands of dollars into landscape beautification. For the most part, of course, the organizations

Tips for Taking Care of Your Garden

Everyone likes a well-maintained garden. It looks beautiful and creates a peaceful and tranquil aesthetic. Sadly, in the busy lifestyle of today, most people feel like they lack the time, necessary for it. Little do they know, however, taking care of your garden does not need to take up all of your free time! Just
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So, you’ve found the perfect shed plans, and you’ve built a storage shed to hold your lawnmower, rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools. There is only one problem, it sticks out like a sore thumb, and it detracts from the landscaping. Instead of just letting the garden shed draw attention to itself, there are several
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Summer is upon us, and as the sun beats heat down upon us and our lawns, we need to remember to keep the grass hydrated. Your sprinkler system is more than likely running, providing the yard with needed water so it remains green and full. And while this is a great convenience to have, sprinkler
The tough competition in the landscape design field is a nemesis to the startup and small-scale landscapers. Not being able to work around this barrier will lead to the downfall of your landscape design business. You have to come up with strong marketing strategies to counter the problem. Branding is one thing that you should

Tips On Buying Lawn Mower Parts

If it is at all possible you’ve got to avoid buying a used or second user lawn mower part. It could be less costly, but you will end up with even more issues than you started with. It does not hurt to pay a little additional for quality work and service. It isn’t a sensible
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It is always a bliss to have a clean and organized house. It is believed that how you manage your house is a reflection of you are as a homeowner. That is why a lot of homeowners devote so much money and time to improve their homes, buy pieces of furniture and keep the place
When purchasing new lawn care equipment you know that it can be expensive. It is important that you shop around and look for the best price. You may even be surprised that you can find deals on used equipment. In some cases you may get a piece of equipment that has been barely used. Search
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Landscape Marketing Design

Did it ever occur to you that landscape design marketing was something that was essential to your business as are a good aesthetic sense and a knowledge of horticulture? Chances are, if you are someone who puts a lot of time and love into their work, you’ve never really thought about why you need to
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The Environmental Cost of US Lawns

According to a recent article published by Science Daily, “Using census data, satellite images, aerial photographs, and computer simulations, a NASA scientist estimated that turf grass is the single-largest irrigated crop in the United States” which begs the question what is the environmental cost? When we use three times as much water to irrigate our
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Backyard Landscaping – Benefits

In the house a backyard is a source of recreation, or relaxation. Isn’t it good that landscape can be focused to in the backyard? This type of landscaping is very in demand in the United States, it is becoming more and more famous this remaining days. They become more and more like a fashion accessory