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Bring The Chickens Home To Roost

With the rising cost of food, urban agriculture is becoming a hot topic. Growing your own food can be an exciting experience and help decrease your ecological footprint since your home-grown food requires less fuel to get to your plate. You may have already considered a garden, but what about a backyard chicken coop? That’s
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Testimonials used to be worth their weight in gold. And while they are still important their value has decreased as social media has expanded. The main reason their value has decreased is because of the amount of fraudulent reviews that are posted. It has placed consumers on high alert and rightfully so. In 2004 Amazon’s
Usually a house is a man’s greatest asset; “his home is his castle.” A house or home can easily become the most important possession for a family, which would include its surroundings or landscape. Recently, several of the landscape architects and design associations have predicted trends towards homeowners spending more money to dress up their

Different Pool Landscaping Ideas

A pool is a great addition to your landscaping project. It can add splendor and appeal to your home or your property. A pool also brings fun and enjoyment to family and friends during the summer season. A landscaped pool also makes a great venue for any special occasion and events like parties and family
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Introduction Chokeberry plants are very good plants for growing as part of your landscape. The black chokeberry (or Aronia berry plant) was introduced to western gardens as a landscape plant around 1700, and that its value is reflected by its receipt of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Merit in 1972. Landscape The ornamental attributes
Today, the world has become a global village and different world federations try to develop different tourist attractions in different countries. Keeping this idea in mind, UNESCO has chosen Sukar Cultural Landscape as a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is located in the Northeastern part of Nigeria. Nigeria has unique position in Africa because of
One of the best factors that help increase a property’s value is having a lovely landscape. Aside from this, having a lovely landscape also provides several benefits and advantages. It can serve as a place for relaxation and recreation. It can actually help you earn money, especially if you have a massive property that can
When you have decided to make changes or additions to your current home or commercial landscaping, you will have loads of different options available to you. From selection of materials, laying out your desired design, getting measurements, establishing a budget, and time frames for project completion. Making the most of your current space while at
Landscape gardener’s are often faced with an on-going problem. One of the most important tools of their trade, namely their hands, can suffer from dermatitis. This condition will make the skin sore, brittle and unsightly. Thankfully, it is a condition that can usually be easily treated with the correct skin care routine. Dermatitis, often used
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1. When coming up with a garden landscape design, you should consider the size, shape, and style of your home during the landscape design phase. The landscape design of your garden should blend with the house, not distract from it. You should be trying to enhance the property as well as the existing structures with
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Before we begin, we must come to a common ground in answering what is Landscaping? Landscaping is an art of purposefully changing the natural features that exist out-of-doors, with the intention of making the environment more attractive and functional. In other words, landscaping is creative art involving of living sculpture, works of art that change

What Is A Zero Turn Mower?

Before knowing what a zero turn mower is, one should know that before the introduction of these mowers people used various traditional methods to clean their lawn grass which includes- By the use of chemical methods. These methods used to degrade the quality of grass. Layering on the lawn grass. Solarizing and soaking with water.
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Deciduous trees should be pruned in their dormant season, which in Mediterranean and similar mild winter climates, means towards the end of winter. They should not be pruned in the spring as pruning causes the sap that is rising in the plant to “bleed” thereby depleting the tree of valuable energy and nutrients. If you
Turfgrass Climate zones, more accurately called Turfgrass Adaptation zones, are a description of general temperature and humidity conditions in specific areas as it relates to turfgrass. Turfgrass adaptation zones are structured very differently than plant hardiness climate zones. Turfgrass climate zones are grouped according to “Temperature/Humidity” variations. The U.S. has five primary turfgrass adaptation zones,
Buying a property is a prestigious thing for a lot of people. Your own home is the place where you dream about living happily with your family. Now that you have moved into your new house, are you getting the feeling of something missing out there? Well, it is normal for you to feel like
Landscape irrigation is fast becoming a major area in the overall discipline of landscaping. Landscaping is the process of designing an area or tract of land with gardens, lawns, courtyards, trees, shrubs, plants and grass, etc. The idea of a beautiful home or office appeals to people and therefore landscaping is not just the growing

The Importance of Lawn Mowers

It is not often that people think about the importance of lawn mowers, as their presence and function is usually taken for granted. They are just handy tools to be lugged out whenever a lawn is getting overgrown. However, these tools, regardless of the type, are important for homeowners and anyone who has ever lived
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At Kichler Lighting, they are constantly encouraging their employees and customers to “step outside for a moment and see the possibilities”. Kichler realizes that great lighting is not done in the isolation of a factory, but rather by incorporating the natural beauty of the environment around them into the design of their light fixtures. Kichler
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With granite, pebbles and other permeable materials, you can definitely give your garden design some textural boost. Stones will actually serve several purposes like lending textural appeal and solving drainage issues. Moreover, it comes in various forms and colours. Stones You Can Use For Your Landscaping Project Decomposed Granite – This is a granitic rock
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When looking for lawn sweepers, there is a few things, you want to keep in mind. How big is your lawn? Do you want a push lawn sweeper or do you have some type of motorized equipment to pull it with? If you have a large lawn or take care of turf grass professionally, you
Building your own Dinosaur Playmat Creating your own prehistoric habitat for your dinosaur models and toys is quite easy and a lot of fun. With the Summer holidays approaching here is a super dinosaur themed craft idea to help the kids make the most of their free time and perhaps they might even learn something
So, What Exactly IS Brix? Well, often Brix is referred to as the “sugar” or sucrose content of a plant or the produce from it, but this is a very simplistic and incomplete view of Brix. In actuality, Brix refers to the total soluble solids (TSS) in the juice of the produce or sap of

Landscape Design Service Benefits

When you step outside of your home, are you instantly swept into a garden space that makes you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the world, or do you suddenly find yourself facing a bed of weeds that adds to your stress? Landscaping design service carries many benefits, and will remove some of this stress
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If you are a homeowner or have to maintain a lawn for somebody else, and you own an electric lawn mower, you will more than likely need to maintain your mower at some point in time. Like all mechanical tools, mowers can have problems and need repairs or maintenance. In Part 1 of this article