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Most people really love nature. A lot of people would even travel far and spend money just to be with nature. Indeed, what nature has to offer relaxes, comforts and relieves a person. And so, many people really want to capture the beauty of nature. By capturing its beauty, you do not only improve your
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When taking care of lawns, home owners as well as lawn care experts have numerous options. And, one of the best solutions in maintaining lush green lawns is to fertilize. However, the debate between organic and synthetic lawn treatments have been restricting individuals from making better decisions. So, to help you learn more, below are
Landscape Design tools and software helps make home owner landscaping a reality with the best resources available in all areas of landscape design pictures from landscaping ideas and design to finishing touches. Should it is for the Waterfront improvement projects, parks and playgrounds or shopping centre, there will surely be available design tools/software which can
Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods you can include in your diet. It is rich in fiber, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Although it is low in fat and cholesterol, it is one of the most filling foods around. As such, if you’re trying to lose weight, as long as you minimize the number of
Mediterranean Landscape is the best example of Picasso’s landscape skills as well as being one of the best known Cubist paintings from an artist who helped to create this art movement in the 20th century. This article discusses the merits of Mediterranean Landscape and comments further on the life and career of Pablo Picasso. This
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“A house with a beautiful lawn is a marvel in itself”, who would not want to have a lush green lawn which adorns the home and makes it look more suave. In the present scenario, each and every second person is concerned about the ecological balance, conservation of water and power and ways to increase
Common tools used in snow removal are wide sloped shovels. These are used primarily for small snow removal jobs by home owners or small business owners. Several different types of shovels are used in different applications. Obviously the goal with any of them is to scoop up as much snow as possible and move it
If you are blighted with an overgrown lawn and garden and wish to have it transformed into a pleasing and beautiful space, you might want to look at the outside lawn care services. There is a range of advantages for using a professional landscape gardener who are mindful of how to care for the lawn
1. Heightened appreciation Painting landscapes gives you a heightened appreciation of the natural world. It enables you to see the world more closely and to understand it finer points and intricacies. Many people don’t fully appreciate the beauty of the natural world around them because they don’t take the time to look at it more
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A healthy and beautiful lawn is the desire of almost everyone homeowner. However, it takes a lot of effort to take care of a lawn. Most of homeowners don’t have the time and experience to take due care of their lawns. Therefore, it’s a good idea to hire a quality lawn care service. If you
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Many people think that a great way to save is to do more around the house themselves rather than hiring someone. When it comes to tree service issues the do it yourself crowd should take warning. Here are a few reasons to hire a tree service professional. 1) Tree Removal: When it comes to tree
Summer can be one of the toughest times of the year for lawns, especially when we live in one of the warmer climates. While Summer is a time of thriving for many lawns, likewise it is also a time for less well looked after turf to suffer many different problems that can lead to stress
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It is the duty of a professional landscaper to increase the value of your homes by using innovative styles and techniques and enhance your garden into something that you enjoy every time you look out of your window. Often, only an expert or a professional can take complete responsibility of beautifying your landscape and make
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Do you have dead patches of grass or just plane dirt spots in you’re yard?  You can either put grass seed down or lay sod, or sometime even a good fertilizer can help too.  All you need to do after you choose what you are going to put down, you just have to make sure to water twice a


THIS TIME OF THE YEAR IS FOR THE MAIN NUTRITION OF YOUR LAWN. PRE-EMERGENT WEED KILLER – This is put down in early spring. The application is meant to control a select group of weeds from germinating and blooming later in the season. This does not control all weeds, just a limited amount. It is
Weed Free Lawn

Getting Ready For Spring

SPRING AND SUMMER ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER CRABGRASS CONTROL BY USING PRE-EMERGENT WEED KILLER – Pre emergent is an important part of crabgrass control and it should be applied early in the season. In doing so this prevents the seeds from germinating and taking over your lawn. WEED CONTROL – After we apply the
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Aeration is Important!!

Why is aeration important? The aeration increases air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone. It also helps soil compaction, improves drainage for those snow packed lawns during the winter, it provides a better environment for overseeding which is also a good thing to do in spring, summer and fall.  It also increases tolerance to heat

Power Raking Is A Necessity

Now is the perfect time to power rake! After all of the snow this is the best thing to do to clean up and help make your lawn look extremely healthy. Power raking is good for dethatching, it fluffs up your grass as well as cleaning it up. It makes room for new healthy grass growth
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Happy Holidays!

http://keepin-it-green.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=1525&action=edit&message=1#We are now offering to hang Christmas lights, there is no job to big or small that we can’t handle! Call today for your free personalized quote! Happy Holidays!
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Summer Weekly Mowing…

We provide excellent mowing services from April to October. We offer weekly or bi-weekly mowing, the price depends on the size of your yard but we would be more than happy to come out and make an estimate for you.  From April until about mid summer its important to mow your yard weekly due to
Our Company was built on, and has always been about our customers. We are dependable, reliable and there for you when you need us. Jim Undercoffler has over 25 years of lawn care experience. He began his career working for the same company he acquired back in ’85 as a young adult. This company, including
Water is a limited resource in our dry climate, and using water wisely not only saves you money, but it′s the right thing to do. Remember to adjust your automatic sprinklers or manual watering times monthly based on weather conditions. Denver Water is enforcing its annual water rules, which run May 1 to Oct. 1.
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Fall and Winter lawn care…

Fall and Winter This is the time of the year to really focus on your lawns needs to insure a healthy lawn next spring. AERATION — AERATION is the best thing you can do to strengthen the root system of your lawn followed up with an application of WINTER FERTILIZER. MOWING SERVICES — We are